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Built-In Driver Backrest

Installation Procedure Shown on GL1500

Same Procedure for Your Cycle,  but for Steps 1 and 4

go to Actual Application for Your Cycle Shown Below.

Step1: Lay Bottom T-Bar in place,  and mark holes.

Step 2: Drill 9/32 Holes in Seat Base.

Step 3: Mark center of seat, back 
1 1/2 from front of rear seat. 

 Step 4: Stick Boot in place centered over mark you just made on your seat. 

Step 5: With a long serrated knife cut hole through Boot and Cover, 1 1/2 wide, into foam, clearing foam from area where you just drilled in step 2.  Boot will keep you from cutting too wide. 

Step 6: Slide Inside Bar into slit, through Boot, into foam. 

Step 7: Turn seat upside down.  Push down on seat compressing foam and line up holes through T-Bar, seat base and inside bar.  Insert bolts through lock washer, Bottom T-Bar, seat base and into Inside Bar threaded holes and tighten. 
Step 8: Install bar attached to pad to tube now sticking out of seat.  Slide in bolt furnished and tighten bolts.  Make tight enough that backrest will stay in place, but will still hinge back and forth.

Tools Needed:
Electric Drill
9/32" bit (can use 1/4" just ream a bit larger hole)
Long Serrated Knife (about  8" long)
Small Diameter Phillips Screw Driver (to help line up parts)
Two 7/16" Wrenches (helps if one is a socket wrench)
Plus your regular tools to remove seat from cycle.

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