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Built-In Driver Backrest


1) Remove front seat.   2) Take out the 2 bolts in rear seat mounting bracket  holding on the rear seat.  3) Place new Utopia Backrest bracket on top of original rear seat mounting bracket.   4) Line up holes, install the new bolts with lock washers furnished and tighten.   5) Peel backing off boot, slide over top of tube on new bracket, stick to front of bracket and top of rear seat as you bend to shape.   6) Finally, install backrest bracket on pad totube with bolt furnished.

Take out 2 bolts from original
rear seat mounting bracket


Peel and Stick Boot (usually ship already attached to bracket or will 
find in pouch on backrest)

New Utopia Backrest  Bracket

Install with new bolts furnished


 Can take rear seat off Valkyrie and ride solo if desired.  Just install bracket as
shown without rear seat.  Take or leave off Boot if using as solo.  Re-install front seat.

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