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Built-In Driver Backrest


What do our customers say about Utopia Products, Inc?

These are actual email comments, just a few of the 100s we've received, over the years.  We leave off the last name to protect our customer's privacy, unless they say in comment to use their name.

Hey Bob, Received the backrest yesterday and installed it last night. Little nervous cutting into the seat but all worked out and looks great. I am sure my ride to Daytona this weekend will be more comfortable. Thanks, Dave

Just want to let you know I received the back rest yesterday and I'm amazed at the quality of workmanship!  Simply awesome.  To say I'm happy with it is an understatement.   My bike won't be available until April 5 but this will definitely be the first accessory I install.  Thanks a million!............Stan

I don't know who to address this to, but I just wanted to let you know that I received my new back rest for the GL1800 - it's not installed yet, but I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the quality of the product.  Whoever might say that American workers can't build a quality product need a guided tour of your facility! It will be installed soon and looking forward to a ride. Thanks again, Larry

Hi Bob, Just a quick note to let you know that my back rest arrived today. Thank you for your most professional and prompt service. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to my mates. Regards, Matt Rust, Australia

Just recently I received my backrest It was easy to install and is everything you said it would be and more. It Is nice to deal with honest people. God bless you . J McCain

Bob, received the backrest today. So far so good. Just want to say thank you, and WOW! Beautiful craftsmanship! Great work! Thanks again, Seth

Thanks Bob. I have the Utopia backrest installed on my 2006 Vulcan Classic FI Anniversary Edition. I am very pleased that I sent you the silver vinyl to insert on the front side.  Silver in the backrest ties into the silver on the bike really well.  Installation was a snap, even for a lawyer! As for comfort, it is FANTASTIC.  Best money Ive spent in a long time.  I dont think the Utopia Backrest and your thoughtful service and shipping practices can be beat.  Thanks again.  Cheers Art

Well it took me a while and reading the directions three or four times, but I did it! I got the courage to take a knife to my seat. After that it was easy and Im glad I did it what a difference in the comfort of my ride. Thank you for the high quality backrest for my interstate.  John R. Jackson, Michigan

Bob, I received your package with the seat back today.  Supper fast delivery. I installed the back rest with no issues.  I am very satisfied. Thank you very much and may all you do continue to be blessed. Ron

Hi Bob just a quick note to let you know the backrest works well , I rode the bike to work on Friday , about 50 miles round trip , the rest was very comfortable to lean against , it made a real difference to my back ( about 2 years ago I herniated a disc in my lower back ) the seats on the royal star are very comfortable but with no back support you tend to hunch over a bit , your rider rest stops that and makes for a great ride , thanks BOB your a legend mate .

PS .  I had a guy on another bike ask where I got the seat from while I was stopped at a set of traffic lights , I gave him your web address .

Bob, Received by backrest yesterday, installed it today. Very please with quality and it installed much easier than I expected. Thanks for still making the hard to find quality products for the older bikes. Will send you a picture in the future. Just in time for a bike run with my wife this weekend. God Bless. Wes

Bob - I want to thank you for a wonderful product. I have been looking for a back rest of this quality, engineering, and well thought out installation process, for some time. Some of what I found were very poor products and looked like it. Others were seat combinations, way out of the price range I was willing to pay. I did not need a new seat!! I needed a quality backrest! Your backrest product, is original equipment quality and looks like it was installed as a factory item when the installation is finished according to the furnished directions. I took my time and made sure I went exactly by the enclosed directions, step by step, the whole way. Installation looks great, but it did take me a little longer since I am not particularly mechanically inclined. More like mechanically challenged, but I made it, all is well, the directions were a life saver. I was able to figure it all  out and do it, as well, and that is a little extra bonus for my ego! The bottom line here, where the rubber meets the road, is that you have a top quality product, which fits exactly as it should, easy to follow directions, ease of installation, quality components, strong and stable support, made to fit my bike and not stand out like an add on which is out of proportion with the rest of the bike. In a word, "GREAT"!!! You got it here when you said you would. You demonstrated, great communication, honesty, integrity, and everything just went as it should go. In other words, no problems and I am a happy camper! Thanks Bob!  William H

Yes!!!! My response (and you can quote me) on my new backrest is YES!!!! It's great! Everything from the workmanship to the way it looks is top notch. It feels good on my back too. Many thanks for your high standards, John

 P.S. It's always nice to meet one of the family... Lord bless.

This arrived Friday and we installed it the same day; it is perfect!!  Just what he was looking for.  He says it is super comfortable.  We couldn't believe how simple it was to install...that NEVER happens.  :o)  Thanks again for everything, you guys are the best!  Lara Mitchell

Hi. today I recieved  the back rest for my burgman 650.. I put it on in a fair amount of time.. it is designed very nicely.. after installation. I took it for a ride.. I am here to say. that is a wonderful piece of art you folks make.. it is very comfortable and I like it very much... thanks again.. Rich.. Fleetwood Pa...

Bob,I got the back rest today. Wow, what fast shipping service. You only sent it two days ago. It took me about an hour to install it, taking my time, and enjoying every minute.Every time I get a new bike, the first thing I do is order a new Utopia back rest. Once you've ridden with one of your back rests, nothing else is comfortable. When I saw how long the wait was on your web site, I decided to order one of the back rest that they are selling on eBay. For a small person, it may be OK, but it pushed me up onto the tank, and was not adjustable. (Another $100 down the drain.) The next day, I placed my order with you. I'm happy now! I can finally enjoy my new ride. As always, thanks for great service and a great product. Ben

Just wanted to let you know you do wonderful work. The instructions were easy to follow, the quality of  the backrest is amazing. This looks like it was part of the bike originally and I get lots of compliments on it. Thank you so much for taking pride in your product it really shows. Jamie , Shawnee, Ok

I just install the backrest on my Kawasaki Nomad. I had one on my Wing. Installed easy. Great product! Thanks Dave

Hi, I just got my backrest, for my Vision,  in Thursday night and installed last night (Friday) and am just writing to let you know how much I enjoy it. I was hesitant at first with the heated seat wires but jumped in anyhow. I did find that my filet knife worked much better than the serrated knife I had and after making the cut I was committed. The whole thing took about 20 minutes as I had some problem finding the holes in the mounting plate. This morning (Saturday) I was up and on the road at 4 a.m. and did about 350 miles. This completes what I already thought was a great bike. I was even able to change positions of the backrest as I rode. Thanks for a great product, and I am going to recommend it to others. Mike Tucson, Arizona   

hi..i received your back rest..for my yamaha royal star...wow..its great...thank you very much...for a great back rest....awsome... yours truly,....joe, palm coast fl...

Bob, I recieved the backrest today at my door step. It was everything I had expected. Very professional looking, welds were perfect everything went together just like in the pictures. Cant say how easy it was to put on. Looks great on the bike feels great on my back. Thanks for letting me ride in comfort once again. I will without a doubt tell my friends about your company.  Thanks again  Jim

Bob, Can not say how GOOD and how WELL the backrest fits on our VENTURE. The ease of installation matched your instructions just perfect. Took me more than 5 minuites but not much longer. Just Love it for my back. Great job and worth the it. Again Great Job.  J.

Bob, Just wanted to return a note about the backrest I ordered for my 2006 Royal Star Tour Deluxe: This backrest is awesome!  It was very easy to install and, once you figure out that you are REALLY going to have to push the rear seat up deep into the backrest bracket and it isn't going to hurt it, a very satisfying install.  This is the single best accessory I have purchased for my bike!  The confort level went way up and the price and workmanship cannot be beat!  I was looking at spending $600-700.00 on a seat/backrest combination because I thought that was the only way I could get a backrest with enough room for a 6'2" man.  Your backrest has has so much adjustability in it that I don't feel cramped up onto the tank at all.  Very Highly Recommended for Royal Star riders wanting a high quality product at an extremely reasonable price who want to be able to ride and not have to stop until the tank is empty.   Thanks for such a high quality and well thought-out product!  MICHAEL

Just a note to let you know I received my backrest in good order on 5/13/08. It looks great! I had it installed in about 1 hour,50% of that time was dismounting and mounting the seat,(30 Min's. to measure twice, cut/drill once,tighten the bolts...LOL!). Took my time as it was fun to do. Your Instructions and video made installation very easy. Took the "Wing" out for a cruise after installation and made a few adjustments for comfort along the way I'm glad I bought the "Utopia", my back loves it. Rest assured that you will get free advertising from me at all the events we go to. -Thanks again. Col JPM

Hello, I just want to take a minute of your time to let you folks know how wonderful you are to work with. I called to explain my plight about needing the backrest for my GL1800 Gold Wing and I was greeted with a very understanding and caring member of your staff. She took my order and I received it most promptly. Much sooner than I expected. I installed the backrest exactly as the instructions explained and had no issues at all. I am sure my trip to New England will be much more enjoyable now that I have the backrest installed. Thanks again for speaking English and responding to me as a customer with such pleasantness. And thanks again for providing me with a quality piece of equipment that I am sure to enjoy for many miles. Thanks,  Joe

Bob, I received the package yesterday and installed it last night.  Everything fit like a glove and the install was fast and easy.  Thanks for a great product.  It will make riding my Vulcan 900 much more fun.  Thanks again. Sam

Bob, just wanted to give you an update on the backrest.  After I received it, it took about 30 minutes to install because I wanted to make sure that I did it correctly.  It was a piece of cake. Last Wednesday, I took a trip to Dallas, TX on the Vision with an overnight stop in B'ham, AL to play golf with a friend.  The trip was much more enjoyable because of the extra back support given by the Utopia backrest.  I made a few adjustments to the position, but I think I have it where I want it now.  The adjustments also are very easy to make.Thank you for taking the time to develop the product for the Vision and thank you for a great product. Bob Cumming, GA

Bob, A follow-up to our earlier email conversation(s) about the Utopia backrest for my new Yamaha V-Star 1300T.I received the backrest late yesterday afternoon and decided to devote this morning (all day if necessary) to mount the backrest.  After coffee, I told my wife that I'd open the box and see what was going to be involved.  About an hour later, I came back into the house for more coffee.  She asked how it was going and I advised her that the backrest was installed and all went better than expected.....and it did.Your instructions on the web and the enclosed instructions were spot on.  It really did take less than an hour from start to finish.Thanks for a good product and good instructions.Another very satisfied customer----Walter Griffin

Hi Bob! Just a little word to tell you i just received mI backrest for mI flht today. Great quality and very comfortable product .Some of mI french folks're gone be  Jalous, for sure!!! They already ask me for your website and mail. Please thank all your team for me. Hope your all getting rid of your water problem in OHIO. God bless.   Bruno.

Received the backrest today, for my Royal Star Tour Delux & hubby was ecstatic!!  It was much better than we had hoped!!  We will be recommending your seats/website to everyone.  Thank you ... Karen

I recieved the seat in great condition, and installed it last night.  It took me about 45 minutes to do the work.  after a little ride, and a few adjustments, I can honestly say that I am a fool to have waited this long to buy your seatback/rest.  I love it, and I enjoyed shopping with you. Joe.

Just thought I'd let you know the backrest kit did arrive and has been installed. I had a buddy of mine help me with the installation. It took about an hour after wrestling with the seat, the foam and both brackets trying to line up the holes everything finally tightened up. Anyway it fits like a charm and I'm sure it'll make a difference. I told another friend of mine who has a Helix as well about this backrest thing and showed him a picture and who knows, you might get another order. Nice doing business with you and might be back. Thanks, Carl

I can't comment about the quality of the Utopia backrest I just put on my 98 wing. I am blown away with the factory look of this backrest.  The installation was a breeze.  Took me like 40 minutes.  Can hardly wait for the weather to turn nice enough so that I can go for a cruise with it.  Happy Easter Weekend.  Brian

Rec'd backrest yesterday(mar 6) and had it installed in 20 mins...no problems...bolt holes matched perfectly...Backrest looks great on bike and really does make ride more comfortable...Thanks again, Jim

Bob, Got my new backrest in Oct. of 2006. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I installed it immediately upon receiving it. Here in northern New York our riding season is pretty short so I do a lot of intense riding to get 10-12 thousand miles a year. fortunately I am retired (almost 70 years old). Your back rest is a God send for me as I have a real bad back problem, but can still ride, praise the Lord. The back rest was very easy to install adjust on my 2006 Yamaha Road Star, just wish I had purchased one earlier. Again thank you and bless you. Helwig, New York

Dear Folks,  Received my backrest 3/4/08 and installed it  (apprx 1 hr.) I commend you on a very professional job. Quality is  great and it works to perfection.  Thanks again for a great job   Ed


 I got the back rest and  this one was even easier that the last one. No problems installing. Works great!! Thanks for being so creative and developing this product. It really makes riding more a pleasure than riding already is. Thanks again. Rick

Bob, I'd like to testify to your customers, or better yet, to your potential customers about your outstanding products.  As you are aware, this is the fourth backrest I have owned from Utopia, and it is now difficult to imagine riding a motorcycle without a Utopia backrest. My first was a Honda 750, the second a Honda VTX 1300R, then a 2001 Gold Wing.  One would think the Gold Wing would be the bike to end all bikes.  However, it was a little more bike than I needed around town, so...I purchased a 2003 Silver Wing.  Now, even though this fourth one was a little trickier to install, I confirmed several things that I learned with my first installation: Trust Utopia products to be very high in quality, trust the comfort improvement that will occur by their installation, and trust that by following the directions, you will have a professional-looking job!  I bother to write again because of the AMAZING comfort this particular backrest created on my S ilver Wing.  I directly compare the comfort level to that of the Gold Wing.  I can ride for 300+ miles in virtually the same comfort as the larger bike affords. Customer Service, personal attention and delivery were once again perfect.  I remain your loyal customer, Dr. Tom

I would like to congratulate you on a fine product and excellent service. I had the Utopia Backrest installed on my Burgman AN650 on the 30th of November 2007 and I am already feeling the benefits, especially when taking off from a standing position where the Utopia backrest adds to the riders stability not to mention the correct back support.Thankyou and I hope your firm goes from strength to strength. Also I would like to extend to you and everyone at Utopia my warmest Christmas wishes and a Happy, prosperous New Year from my wife and I in Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Bob, today  your backrest arrived in Germany. Much earlier than we expected -  great !! Color match to an 21 year old saddle -  better than ever expected !!!! Impression of quality of materials and workmanship - OUTSTANDING !!!!!

Hello Utopia Family! I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding backrest!  I have a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 500.  Finding accessories for my small cruiser is nearly impossible.  I have managed to find a few that make it look like a big cruiser and your backrest on my bike is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.  IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!  It might be a junior size cruiser, but we ride proud among the biggest of hogs. I wish you continued success with your company! Diana 

It arrived today, took approx 15 min to put on....Looks good, recommend you get the word out to more Harley guys about your backrest.....Looks perfect and was simple to put on....Thanks Jim

Just want to say thanks for making such a great product. I received the backrest for my Yamaha RSV on time as your build and ship date indicated. It was a breeze to install and adjust. Before I would start getting a back ache after about 60 -70 mile. I recently took a 400 mile trip to the coast and felt like I could have rode the entire way with out stopping. I could easily go the 170 miles between gas stops. I was afraid I was going to have to give up riding before I bought the Utopia backrest. This was definatly one of the best purchases I have ever made. The quality and ease of installation is outstanding. Thanks again for a great product. Ricky

I received the backrest today and it took 30 minutes to install----this is a great product and thank you----I'll being showing it to a few of my friends tomorrow. Patrick

Dear Utopia, I recently purchased your backrest for my Vulcan 900 and was 150% satisfied with your product. I am 56 and have found a renewed interest touring thanks to your backrest.  I was more than pleased with the quality and detailed craftsmanship that went into producing this product. Your company is blessed to have employees that take pride in their work. Nothing pleases me more than to have a great product made in AMERICA. Thanks again and I am sure I will enjoy many years of riding  thanks to all of you.       God Bless Bill,  Pittsburgh

Hello, I just received my backrest today (I think it was delivered to another office near mine).  I just wanted to thank you for your craftsmanship, and more importantly your quiet witness for the Lord.  There are two reasons that I chose to order my backrest from you.  The first is that it looked like you did good work (and the pillow design matched mine), and also because you had the faith to quietly be a witness for the Lord on your website.  Thank-you and God Bless. Rae

Bob, just a quick note to say how much I appreciate you getting the backrest to me before the Sturgis trip. The installation went smoothly and I am really impressed with how comfortable and good looking the Utopia package looks on my bike. I rode over 1400 miles in 4 days and my back and I thank you!! Buck

It arrived Friday, Thank you very much. It fits great and better yet it feels GREAT!!!! This will make our trip to TN. so much better. Have been letting everyone know to try Utopia back rests. John

Just wanted to thank you and the staff for the excellent work you do. I am a member of the Venturers M/C and read a post about your company and the quality backrest you offered. So I ordered one for my 07 RSV. Though there was a long wait for it, I received it on the 11th of this month. Only took about 20 minutes to install. I am impressed with the looks and craftsmanship. It also is very comfortable on my back while riding, since my wife and I do long frequent rides.We want to thank you for a wonderful product. I will let others know where to get one for their machines. Keep up the good work. Sincerely: Richard

I just installed my backrest for my Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1600 that I received this week.  All I can say is, WOW".  Your installation instructions were simple and easy to follow and I can't wait to take my new "recliner" for a ride.  Great job. Thanks, Ted

Hi Bob, I received my backrest on July 11,2007.  It was all you guys said it would be and more.  I installed it in less than half an hour thanks to your great instruction sheet.  A perfect fit for the holes in the seat support.  You guys did a great job and it fits and looks great on my machine. The main thing is that it also keeps me straight in the saddle and causes me to be less fatigued while riding long distances. Great job all around, Randy

Bob; Like you said it came in the mail on Mon.  Awsome work, matches the bike exactly.  It felt strange at first (never had a back rest before) but I got used before the end of my second ride.  I  could ride all day now, it's like I'm I riding my lazy-boy down the freeway.  Well worth the wait!  I will highly recommend your product. James

yo I just received your drivers backrest for the rocket 3 and it is great you guys make a great product well worth the money.thx because i found you guys on r3owners.com  i saved a lot of money not having to buy a new seat and backrest thx again...vinnie

I have had the backrest installed for about a month now and just wanted to let you know that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Sure makes crusing a lot easier on the body. Thanks for making a great product. Lumpy

 Bob, Just a brief note to say thanks for getting the backrest for my 2005 RSTD done so promptly.  I received it Wednesday and installed it that night. I rode to work the last 2 days and can definitely tell the improvement on my back with the new backrest.  Thanks again. Sincerely, Gerry

Bob, It"s been almost a year since I received my backrest for 2006 Royal Star Midnight Venture from Utopia. Sorry it has taken me so long to give you feedback. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and beautiful workmanship of the of my backrest. The installation was very quick and easy. The benefit of not giving you instant feedback is that since installation I have accumulated 5000 miles on my scoot and can assure everyone that you produce an outstanding product. I would recommend your product to any serious long distance rider..... or anyone for that matter....look no further. Incidentally, I have been in some of the best bike shops in the country and I inevitably see Utopia special order backrests still in their package awaiting pick-up by by the lucky new owners

Thanks for the great work and your dedication to customer satisfaction. M

 My back rest arrived Thursday and was installed the same day. It was a breeze just as advertised. I haven't gotten to take the bike for a ride yet to check it out but just from sitting on the bike with the jack under it the back rest felt great. Weather permitting I'll know tomorrow exactly how it feels after several miles with it. I'll let you know the outcome of that but I feel I know the answer already. Thanks for answering my e-mails so promptly and in being true to your word on the ship date. It's been a pleasure doing business. Best wishes

Hi Bob, Ron L. here from Buffalo NY. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the backrest. I truly wish I would have been a wiser man and got one about 20 years ago.The product is solid, I am not a light weight I go about 275lbs. very good quality, and the material is excellent grade stuff, easy to install (about 30 mins) and so comfortable it makes the ride even better than before. Im very happy and satisfied with it and wish to thank you for the great service; you are truly a man of your word and make one very useable product, worth every penny. VERY NICE!!!!! Thank You Again Ronald

I purchased my 1996 Honda Goldwing when it was new...and shortly afterwards bought your Utopia backrest.  Now, 11 years later both the cycle AND your backrest (in Cosmopolitan Gray) are still going strong, with over 148,000 miles on them.  (I also purchased your passenger armrests and storage pouches.)  I must say, you make great products...even in the Florida sun the upholstery material has shown very little wear or fading.  Unfotunately, the original seat hasn't fared so well and was recently replaced with another OEM Honda seat - by the way, your material color still matches almost perfectly with the new seat.  (If you didn't make such good products you probably could sell more.)I want to swap the backrest to my new seat, but somehow I've lost the original installation instructions.  If possible, can you e-mail (preferred) or send me a copy of the instructions on how to install this backrest? Waiting to hear from you. Pete

Hie Bob, I received my backrest yesterday exactly 5 days after you ship it.That seems a correct delivery time for France and packaging is excellent.No more than 15 minutes were necessary to fit and adjust it on my valkyrie.Instructions are clear and easy to follow.The product is nice and i'll recommend it to the french bikers i know. Have a good day Regards Jean

Bob, Just thought I'd let you know Thursday,I received the driver's backrest for my 06 Yamaha Royal Star Venture. After a couple hours time (I first had to eat dinner, feed and exercise the pups) it was on and looking and feeling great. Simple, complete instructions made it so easy and quick to install. Most of all, it looks great and matches the rest of the seating. Looks like quality workmanship and material. There will be no hesitation on my part to recommend Utopia to all. Thanks for a great product. Jim



I wanted to let you know that I ordered a backrest for my new Goldwing last summer. I did the install myself in about an hour without any problem. I would say to anyone whos thinking about a backrest, to go with the Utopia. No need to look at anything else. Its the best Ive seen for quality and comfort, and the price is reasonable for what you get. Doug

Hi Bob. I just got the backrest. Wow, it is fantastic. Thanks for matching the stitching, I was hoping you would. Taxes and duty only added up to $41, so not too bad. I will definitely recommend your backrests to anyone I can. Thanks again. Frank.

The fit and quality of the backrest and mounting bracket is excellent. The help and advice that you and your friend ( the person with the other Honda V-30 ) was excellent. Thank you to you and all the people in your company who helped build this for me This is the backrest to own. None of the others come close. I know you could have blown me off like the other companies did as this was a custom job but you did not and for that I can not thank you enough. Thank you, Jeff Gruver.

Got the back rest and arm rest bags!!!  Wow.  what great items.  They'll make riding our wing even more enjoyable!!!  Y'all done good!!  Again, mucho thanks  Jim

Hi Folks, Thanks a million for sending me the backrest before I left on my trip.  It installed just like you said and looks and feels great!  Thanks again.   Billy

I just wanted to say thank you for the quality workmanship of my new back rest. I took a little longer than I had hoped originally in getting the back rest, but the wait has definitely been worth it. I am very pleased with the way that it mounted up to My rsv so easily and quickly, and the adjustment is very simple and quick to make. Again thank you for your hard work in a fine product. I hope to have many thousands of trouble free miles with my bike and the back rest that will make those miles so much better.  Sincerely, Scott

Sorry bout the slow response but have been on vacation. But when I got home I had received the backrest I ordered for my MM ed. Venture and it looks great and feels even better. Plus easy installation. Great work Grandpa!! From a new Grandpa also. Thanks Gary

Howdy... Received my backrest  a few days ago... Pleased to report I am very happy with it. I used to think I really enjoyed riding, as I average over 15,000 miles a year on a motorcycle. But now I enjoy it even more than I knew was possible... Thanks for the great quality product, and believe me, you just got a new promoter!!!

i new we cutting it close to our trip to Colorado, everyday i would check my e-mail to see it was shipped yet, today i came home and check my e-mail no word, but to my surprise ups had left a package on my carport while i was checking my e-mail, it was the best surprise i could have getting because we leave Friday morning and i believe it will save my back. i got it mounted in about 30 minutes and it fells great. that was the last piece of the puzzle to start this trip. since a am a member of a large group of motorcyclist, CMA   God bless you . your deliver day was right on, so many companies can not even get close. thank you much.                Clay

after a couple months I have to tell you the Honda Silver Wing backrest converts my ride from a bar stool to a dining room chair...excellent...thanks...lt

I received and installed the driver backrest you sent for my 2005 Triumph Rocket III
 What a treat from installation to the first test ride, less than an 1/2 hour. NOW THE RIDE IS COMPLETE! You should be proud! Thanks, Ben

I got the back rest last night and put it on this morning, it took about and hour to install and it looks great, took it out for about and hour ride, game and adjust the height, I think I will really be pleased, looking for- ward to getting my wife's Thanks Bryan

I received the backrest exactly when you predicted.  I installed it today
with no problem.  Thanks for an awesome product.

Recieved the part ordered, just a small note to say thanks, for all you and crew have done... You are highly recommended from me always... Thank you again... God Bless to all. Lyle

Received my back rest last Friday, installed it on Saturday and have been loving it every since!  You did a great job in matching the design and the ease of installation was an added bonus.  Keep up the great work and may all of God's blessings be upon you and yours.  Mark

This is a shameless plug for a company I have no connection with other than
be a customer. I posted here a while ago about buying a new seat so I could
get a backrest for this bike. I am amazed after two years Kawi still do not
have very many accessories. :( Anyway I decided to try this backrest out
first. I talked with the owner in email and was satisfied with the
responses. The backrest came last week and I thought it would take a while
to put it on the bike. Over coffee, at the dining room table, wife and I had
the seat apart, foam off and the new bar on in much less time than we
thought it would take considering I am useless as a handyman.
I had the F & S backrest on my '03 Nad but this one is much more comfortable
and a lot more economical.  When I find something I like, I like to give the company credit. BTW, the company support our troops! Well done Utopia! LD

Hello Bob, thank you for the explanations... I finally installed my back rest... And I have only a single word, WOW, WOW and WOW...Incredible the quality of your backrest and the look which it gives on my Burgman...You can be sure that when I shall change my Burgman 400 for 650 I go you order at once the backrest...Once again, thank you for everything and long life has UTOPIA... Franois

It is with pleasure that I take this opportunity to convey a word of thanks to all of the personnel who work at UTOPIA PRODUCTS INC.
I received my back rest for my Shadow ACE and have installed it.
The workmanship quality of the back rest is outstanding.
The installation of the back rest to my seat was a peace of cake. Made in America by Americans can't be topped any where else in the world.
You have proved that beyond a doubt.
                              Warmest Regards

Just thought you might want to know I bought a back rest for my 1600 Nomad a couple of months ago and I love it.  It went on just as the instruction said (although a second set of hands came in handy when I re-covered the seat). I did it while watching a basketball game in my living room and was done by the end of the first half. Riding with it has been great and my only question is why I waited so long to buy one.  Keep up the great work and God bless you all  Thomas

I have recently received the driver's backrest for my Midnight Venture. I was so impressed with the level of craftsmanship, design, functionality, and overall value of the product, that I had to write this email. Thank you so much for your commitment to making good products for a good price...Jack

Received my new backrest on Friday May 26th, got all the tools your website stated was required for installation. Put it on with no trouble at all by following the well wrote out directions and it looks great. You guys did an awesome job, matches perfectly and has serious OEM quality. It has made riding allot more comfortable by far. I really didn't think that was possible. Thanx a million, worth every penny.

 I just wanted to give you some positive feedback of your product, (not that you need any) I bought a backrest a while back and just had it installed today, I took a ride and wonder how I have lived without one? I had it installed on my 2003 Suzuki Burgman 400. Thank you for a great backrest!  Diana

Bob I'd just like to thank you for the great backrest... I received it today one day after you said you would ship (course I do just live just down the road). The quality is super and the install only took minutes. I just can't wait to go to work tomorrow to try it out and I hate work! Thanks again and trust that I will give high praise about your products. Keep up the good work. Cliff

I had a Helix before the Burgman and a PO of the Helix had removed the Utopia backrest that was installed.  After riding the Burgman for the last six months with the Utopia backrest installed, Im a believer.  It makes long trips so much more comfortable and on the big Burgman, there is still plenty of room for my wife on the back seat.  I just need to get her a backrest for the GIvi E52 topcase I have on the back.  Youll be pleased to know that Utopia backrests are often recommended to newbies on the both Yahoo Helix and Burgman discussion groups that I participate in.  Ill be sure to put in a good word for your customer services based on the follow to my inquiry that you just provided. Tom.

     I wanted to let you know that I received my order one day before it was scheduled to be shipped. This backrest was easy to install and is a quality product. It makes a world of difference in my riding comfort (I have an old man's back)!! Now that it is installed, I don't think I would want to ride without one. Many thanks!!!

I got it, I installed it then I took it for a test ride. I wish I got one last year, I don't know how I made it with out one. Awesome product, thanks. Jim

Thank-you for the great backrest!  Your workmanship is superior and your design is excellent.  The backrest has made my motorcycle a joy to ride and not only fits me at 6'1" and 220 lbs, but also fits my son at 5' 9" and 150 lbs and a good friend who is 6' 7" and somewhere over 300 lbs. It has been a joy to do business with your company.

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I received the back rest for my Honda Valkyrie. Why I did not order it 3 years ago when I got the bike I will never know! It works great! Rode the bike 250 miles yesterday and it was wonderful. The bike even seems to handle better now. I feels like I have more control over the bike. Thanks again for a great product, Gary

I got it, I installed it then I took it for a test ride. I wish I got one last year, I don't know how I made it with out one. Awesome product, thanks.

I want to thank you for a job well done.  The back rest for my 2006 Midnight Venture came through just as you advertised and even better.  Everything bolted up as listed in the instructions, so perfect that even a dummy like me took 15 minutes to complete it.  Its a pleasure doing business with you and Ill tell all my friends and future friends what good people you are to doing business with.  Again thanks for your excellent product and professional practices. With Appreciation: Stewart Poole

Bob, I received your backrest for my '04 Midnight Venture today. It took me about 30 minutes to install it, and about half of that was spent looking for my drill bits! Took it out for a short ride, did some final adjusting, and it feels GREAT. I'm looking forward to putting some miles on it now. You make a quality product, and I will recommend you to all my riding friends. Feel free to use my comments on your site. Thanks again,  Richard  

Bob, I finally managed to get the Wing on the road today.  Only a short run but I thought Id let you know how impressed I am with the backrest.  Easily the best on the market and comfort that is un-matched.  Ive tried other makes and models but Utopia rules! Now this old guy can add a few miles before breaks! Thanks again. Best regards, Ian

Got my back rest a couple weeks ago an installation on my Heritage Softail was a snap. Really love the comfort !! Did a 300 mile run today and man what a diffrence in the way my old back felt when I got home . Thanks for a good product . Charlie

Thank you Bob! Very compliments for your product. I'm looking forward to ride with the back rest. Flavio

I just wanted to let you know that the backrest arrived as you promised. What a great product! It is everything everyone on the forms said it was. Great quality, fits perfectly, and really helps my old back last longer on those twisty Colorado mountain rides. Thanks so much!  Tom

Good day Bob, I received by drivers back rest this past week, thank you very much. It went on very easily, the instructions were clear and concise. It looks and feels great. It was great doing business with you. Thanks again. God bless Syd

This is a great product and very well made. Fitted it easily and it is about the most useful accessory I've bought. Very comfortable now on a long trip and my partner doesn't have to massage my back now. Most short rides, say 4 hours, don't seem long enough now.

I recently ordered a backrest for my burgman 650 and wanted to report to you that i was very happy with the quality of the backrest, the workmanship was superb the instructions very clear. I was leary of buying off the internet but after reading posts from the burgman fourm i felt comfortable dealing with your company. There wasn't any negative comments just high praise. Thanks again   Les

Just a follow-up:  I got the Utopia seatback and installed it.  It's perfect.  It's very comfortable and I love the look of it.  The vinyl fabric and stitching match the factory seat so exactly that it looks like deluxe OEM  Thanks, Jim

Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for the beautiful job you did on my backrest. It matches the seats perfectly and looks great. I can't believe I found you by dumb luck after looking for over a year. I will definitely recommend your work to everyone who asks. Thanks again,   Dave

Bob, I had one of your back rests on my 04 Road Star and it was the best option I added to the bike. It seemed to take the fatigue out of riding long distances. I am looking forward to installing this one and adding the comfort I enjoyed from my first one.

Just a quick note of thanks for a great product and great service. My backrest arrived last week and I was able to install it with no problems. I didn't think my Arrow stapler was up to the task to re-install the cover so a local upholstery shop fixed me up for $20.The backrest made my weekend trip more comfortable. I am still fine tuning the settings and figuring out how to gracefully mount and dismount. I changed my seat height during my trip; the sliding bar works great. I'm looking forward to showing off my backrest at a regional BMW "LT" rally in April.  Weyman

Just thought you'd like to know. I received my new backrest on 03/24. The installation on my 99 Honda Valkyrie went very smooth - took about 15 minutes. I gotta tell ya that the support of the backrest improves my riding comfort enormously... no more slouching from back fatigue. I should have bought this product a long time ago.Thanks for a great product, and great service. Richard

Bob, have received your extremely well made backrest..got it fitted in approximately 11mins (Im a bit slow) and can now finally hold on to my Rocket III ..but more importantly am extremely comfy doing it. Thanks for the express service.  Ravi

I took my first ride with my new Utopia backrest last Friday -- 320 miles. I just want you to know that in over 40 years of motorcycle touring, this is the most comfortable backrest I have ever used. I like the multiple adjustments, the quality is first class, and it looks great on my ElectraGlide. What more can you ask? Oh yes. Less expensive than the HD aftermarket backrest, which doesn't adjust like yours. Great product.  Neil  PH.D.

Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me.The passenger seat is back on the bike and the back rest is GREAT!!!!!!! and it looks good also.You have exceeded my expectations and I will tell all my biker buds about you and your company.Hopefully,you will get some orders for the backrest. God Bless you and yoursand keep the shinny side up.I am on my way to Daytona Beach for BIKE WEEK. Bill

Wow! This was the fastest delivery ever I got from USA. Has arrived on the 22nd and this evening (23rd) I installed in on my 30th anniversary Goldwing... Was a little bit tricky with cutting the foam in the sattle all that, but finally I got it fixed and it looks really awesome. Can't wait until snow and ice are melting outside to take a first ride feeling the backrest behind me...Thanks a lot again and greetings from cold Switzerland, Martin

Hi there. Just thought I would drop you a quick feedback on the Utopia backrest. It was incredibly pleasing to recieve the product on time, of such high quality and as easy to fit as promised. I have just finnished a 2500km ride around the south of Western Australia with the back rest on my Yamaha Royal Star and not once did I suffer from a sore back.  This is a vast improvement on the 2 hours that I used to last before the pain set in. To put it simply....... Bloody Brilliant. Regards, Les  (Gizmo)

Thank you so much for the backrest that I received today, I installed  it right away (only took 5 minutes!) and I am EXTREMELY happy (very high quality product)! It fits better than anything else that I have tried (at any price) and is very comfortable. You are welcome to give my email addy to anyone interested in getting the backrest and I will highly recommend it! Kind regards, Stef,  Cape Town South Africa

I want to take a moment to thank you for such a great product.  I received my backrest yesterday and had it installed and adjusted in less than 30 minutes.  It matches the original seat on my 2006 Royal Star Midnight Venture perfectly and looks like it was made and installed in the Yamaha factory.  I look forward to putting a lot of miles on my new bike in comfort.Thanks again and God Bless, David

I finally got it installed today. The Quality is excellent, the installation is too easy and the comfort is priceless. Thanks for making a high quality product. Big John

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I finally gave your product a decent test......freeway miles at speed. WOW! What a huge improvement (was there a difference? yes -- but, I'm sticking with the word "improvement"). Once I got over my phobia of cutting (the foam and seat cover), the installation was quick, easy and fun. My #1 concern was the impact it would have on my wife (my wonderful passenger). Other than having something between us when she gives me a hug, it doesn't infringe on her comfort in the least. Regarding her hugs: I love um.....out of the blue, she wraps her arms around me and gives me a squeeze which says, "I love you...this is wonderful...I really enjoy being out here on this thing with you...". The pouch is a great touch (very convenient); workmanship is top notch; it fits perfectly; it performs as described and expected; I love it....what more could I expect! Thank you for a fine product and great customer service. May God continue His blessings on you, your business and your loving family. Jim

I received the backrest on Friday afternoon.  It arrived in great condition and I just wanted to thank you for sending me a great product.  I have already installed the backrest and it is everything and more than you advertised.  I would be happy to send you a photo of the bike with the backrest installed and would be more than happy to make my comments about your product available to anyone interested.  Thanks again for your product and professional business ethics.  Sincerely, Mark

I received the backrest yesterday, installed it this morning.  Everything fit, and looked great.  I tried it out, and what a difference!  I have never had any back issues while bike riding, but I can tell that this is going to make those long rides even better. Thanks,William

Recently purchased a drivers backrest for my 2005 1600Vulcan Nomad. Invoice # 47751. Arrived quicker than I expected and installed very quickly and easily (actual time about 30 mins) after reading the online instructions and seeing the detail pictures that came with it. I asked some upholsterer friends to supervise me, but the only thing I needed from them was their air powered stapler, much better than manual.
This is a very comfortable and well built drivers backrest. And it was cheaper than any other drivers backrest I found. Not that there are many for the Nomad. I am very pleased with this purchase and have received many compliments and inquiries in just the few days I have had it.
A friend has a Corbin seat and bought a drivers backrest from Corbin that fit the mount already in the seat. The install was easy, but at more than $325.00 I thought it was pretty high priced. Not near as comfortable as yours either. Very rigid and kind of hard. Doesn't swivel, so adjustment is critical.
Glad I found you guys.And Thanks for making a quality product. AJ

I got the seat back today. It took about 30 minutes to install, and I was on  the road. The difference in comfort must be experienced to believe. My wife and I both have your seat backs on our bikes. If everything worked as well as wasp spray and Utopia seat backs, this old world would be a better place to live. Ben

Hi Bob, Just to say back rest turned up yesterday took 20 mins to fit "what a great product" Thanks Alan

Got my new back rest on my Royalstar , it is more than I expected. Very professional job, easy install, and I am having a hard time staying awake on my bike. Just like my easy chair. can't wait to take a trip. Thanks guys for a job well done and a bargain at the price.      Thanks again Bill

Just wanted to send a note to share my amazement with your company and your product ~When I saw my ship date, I thought thats when it would be shipped out from youbut it was on my porch that dayand that was the first day after a long holiday weekend! Wow! Then, I tackled installationkinda nervous about doing it myself, but it was exactly as you described. It took me about an hour or so, but that was with my golden retriever trying to help me every minute, so if I had to do it again, it would be under 30 minutes no nerves and no help! Now for the real testit took about 2 spins around the neighborhood to finish getting the adjustment just right for me. Since then, Ive put a couple hundred miles on, and I have only one thing to say about your product HOW HAVE I LIVED WITHOUT THIS????!!!!   My bike feels like a whole new riding experiencewow! Thanks so much, I will never have a bike without a Utopia backrest againI love it!            Bev

I even went as far as getting another seat off ebay just in case I did something wrong with the installation, Boy was I wrong it was so easy to put it on my Suzuki Burgman 650 only took me about 40 min. Plus the backrest is so well made and fits exactly to my seat. And the best part of all of this the backrest is so comfortable I can't believe how great it feels I can seat up straight and my back had no pain after my two hundred mile test drive. This is such a GREAT product I could not be happier. Cruising and happy, Mark.

Received my Utopia backrest last week, after minor adjustment, absolutely love it. Wish I hadn't waited so long to order. Royal Star is so comfortable, arched stitching looks perfect,just like OEM . Thanks again, Jeff

Just wanted to say thanks for a great (and comfortable) product.  I purchased the Kuryakyn backrest from the dealer because they said it was the best for my bike.  NOT.  The thing was so high I couldn't dismount without dragging my leg after me.  It was extremely springy as well and every bump I hit punched me in the back with the Kuryakyn product.  I only had their backrest for 2 weeks when I ordered  your (less expensive) product.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  It was low enough that it didn't hit me in the upper back and didn't bounce me around.  When I dismount, I can just swing my leg over the backrest.  It's comfortable as could be and with my feet on the highway bars I feel I could cruise all day.  Installation made me a little nervous, after all, stabbing a hole in my brand new Goldwing seat is not something you usually do on purpose.  I measured like you said and everything worked great.  It took a little wiggling around to finally get the bolts lined up and  tight.  The rest has just enough flex to feel like an armchair backrest, but is not bouncy at all like the Kury.   J.

Received the backrest for my Helix Wednesday morning, looked it over and put it on in the afternoon. Instructions were prefect and very simply to follow. It looks great and makes the Helix very comfortable to ride. Thanks   ...Ralph

got my backrest installed yesterday and went out for a nice 45 minute ride. wow. you are making a great product. far superior to the other backrests I've had on the bike (Fire and Steel and Custom International). and it looks great too! thanks, Dan

Greetings from Canada. Got your backrest this past month. It is a God-send! Thank you for providing a needful support. I noticed a fish symbol on your invoice that led me to believe you are Christians. I am a Chaplain in a prison here. Anyway- Blessings and thanks for the back relief!  :) Jeff

Just received my driver backrest, as usual the fit and quality were superb. Its my third back rest from you great folks. I had it installed and ready to go in thirty minutes.
Thanks again, Charlie

I don't normally write about products that I purchase since I have plenty to do. But I wanted to let you know that the addition of a Utopia backrest, along with some driver floorboards, have so transformed my riding comfort on my Goldwing that I intend to keep it indefinitely. I had considered giving it up for a number of reasons, comfort amoung them. In fact I recently rode 900 miles in less than 24 hours and had no greater fatique that if I had ridden in my Dodge Caravan ES. I had never imagined a simple, inexpensive accessory could be so effective. Goldwing riders everywhere should consider the addition of your backrest and a good pair of floorboards. Sincerely, Larry


Bob, received our backrest today and let me say my friend, these are superb, great craftsmanship, very easy to install, I did both the Aero and VTX in about 3 1/2 hours. Checked it out on my ride to work this morning and even more impressed. I will talk Utopia up to everyone I meet. Thanks again for an outstanding and needed product. Darrell and Pam

Received my backrest today, as promised,   Took me 32 minutes to install, from opening box to putting tools away. It fits perfect and looks GREAT!!!.  I love it and will tell anybody and everybody, who made it and where I got it.  My only problem was it was raining hard and still is so I couldn't do an actual road test, but I sat in it for quite a spell and I know it will be comfortable on the road, hopefully tomorrow?  Thanks again.  You did a fantastic job all the way around. Charlie

Thanks for helping me out with the short-notice back rest for my 2000 Valkrie Tourer! This ergo improvement I made prior to the Saddlesore 1000-Alaska ride really paid off. No back pain! That was one of my main concerns, as I have been having problems in past weeks. My back did not hurt at all, the entire trip! No doubt, thanks to you. Thanks for your quick shipment to help meet my deadline. I was able to easily install it in 10-15 minutes the night prior to the ride, and it matches my seats like it is original equipment. I am very happy with it, and highly recommend it to others! Smiling every time I roll on, Mike

Hallo, Bob ! Backrest has come yesterday, is now on my Valkyrie, and it is really great !! Thank You very much !! And greetings from Germany,  Hansjoerg

Just wanted to let you know that you have made a repeat customer very happy.  Over the years, I have purchased a Utopia backrest for most all of my bikes, some from you and some from your distributor at the Goldwing rallies (8 Goldwings, 2 Kawasaki Voyagers and now 2 Ace Tourers).  Recently I ordered a backrest for my latest Honda Shadow Ace Tourer which arrived yesterday.  I had it installed in 30 minutes and it looks and feel great.  We are heading out to Haiwassee this morning for the Georgia rally and the new backrest will make the trip much easier. Thanks again, Ken

I just put on my driver backrest and like many of the others it took me 1 1/2 hours to install this device. With the end result looking just like the pictures in your instructions your instructions where the best I have ever seen for any product. I look forward to geting a ride as whether does not permit. I bought back rest for my ride to Americade this year. May you continue to carry such fine products. Word of mouth is quite effective. Thanks James

Took the Magna with your backrest out of a short ride today and what a difference it makes. This is a must have for anyone that likes to kick back for a ride of any kind. Thanks for such an awesome product. I will send you some pictures for your web site in the next few weeks.

Hi fromvancouver island just installed my utopia (the one i had you ship to Phoenix a few months ago)  WOW talk about comfort.. and it looks good too!!  thank you        Denis

      I got my new Venture backrest yesterday, and to say I am pleased would be putting it mildly. When I opened it up and saw the quality and how well it matched the Venture seat, I knew I had made a good purchase. It went on well, looks good and most importantly, it feels great.  Thanks again for a very fine product. Charles

Hi Bob, I got the backrest and installed it today. It went on without any problems and I had it
finished in about 20 minutes. I want to thank you for your assistance and tell you that
I would definitely but from you and I will recommend Utopia to my friends.
Thanks again, Rob.

Do you guys ever get tired of making a great backrest? I just installed the one you sent for my 2004 Royal Star Venture. All instructions were clear and the backrest fit like it should. Great product and great workmanship. Just to let you know I just returned a Yamaha ( Corbin) deluxe tour seat for $670. It was soooo hard and sooo small compared to the original seat my wife and I both hated it. Your backrest allows us to use the original seat with original comfort. Nice going Utopia!Gary

Thanks for the fast shipping on the backrest for my 97' standard Valkyrie. I installed it in around 15minutes. The quality is nothing short of amazing. Please give the employees in the shop a pat on the back for me. In addition to quality, engineering is first class as it works as good as it looks. I shouldhave no problem riding non-stop between gas stops now. I will pass this on to my fellow riders as well. Thanks, Marc

I just installed and road-tested the seat this weekend. I just wanted to tell you how well it worked, and how pleased I am with the results. It is very well designed.I believe this has really helped turn my ST1300 into a more comfortable long-distance touring mount. My fears that my wife (my passenger) might find it to be intrusive or otherwise uncomfortable turned out to be unfounded. Not only didn't she have anything bad to say about it after a long road-test, she loves the pouch. Thanks. Steve

Took the Magna with your backrest out of a short ride today and what a difference it makes. This is a must have for anyone that likes to kick back for a ride of any kind. Thanks for such an awesome product. I will send you some pictures for your web site in the next few weeks. Gregg

I have just ordered my second backrest from you. The first one was for my 83 Venture Royale with a reupholstered seat, which you matched so perfectly, from pictures, that no one knew the difference. Even I had trouble telling. 
As to the comfort, there is just no way to describe it. Once I had it set for me, I could ride for better than 200 miles without getting fatigued.
Since I can't do that on this new 99, I ordered one for it. Once it's on there, I'm taking a trip from Arkansas to Florida.
If the one on the 83 is any indication, I'll run out of gas before I need to stop.
 Thank You for such an exceptional product. It should be standard equipment on every bike Norm

Recieved my backrest today and just wanted to thank you for the quality product and quick service. Even thought it is only 38 degrees I had to try it out. After only 30 mi's I thank you, and my back thanks you. As I mentioned in our first correspondence, back in Oct. I broke my back and it's amazing how just being able to lean against your backrest takes the pressure off my spine & tailbone and lets me sit comfortably again on my bike. I appreciate you working with me and the consideration you showed . Milt

Bob- Got the backrest today. Happy with your product, looks great.  Thanks for the great service and fast shipping.  I will recommend your backrests to whoever I know that's looking for a backrest.  Thanks again-Dale

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
I received my back rest at noon and installed it after work. It took fifteen minutes and was the easiest thing I've ever added to a bike. I am very impressed with the strength of the mount and overall quality of the backrest.
I tried it out tonight and have to tell you, I just love it.
With a bad back,
Red Barber

I just received your work of art and am exceptionally pleased with the product. Your web site somehow just doesn't do these justice, in person they are a thing of beauty. Now I just have to wait for the snow to go away. Oh and just for your info they charged me on Canadian funds of $208.48, so GST was 14.59 plus 8.00 handling for a total of $22.59. That's not bad, anyways for any other Canadian customers you can let them know. Many thanks, take good care.  Roy

Just thought Id email you and let you know I received the seat back for my 2000 Royal Star, that I ordered.  I can not tell you how good it looks, feels and just how easy the installation went.  It was fabulous!  Took less than hour and everything was in detail, just as you had it in the instructions.  Sure helps my back.  Thanks again. Jeff Smith

Hi Folks, Just a note to let you know that the backrest installation on my Honda GL1800 took only 40 minutes (after I removed the seat from the bike). I never hesitated to plunge the knife into the seat fabric because the instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. The quality of the workmanship was superb. The following day I had an opportunity to ride down to Miami (about 3 hours one way) and could not believe the comfort attained during the ride. I won't own another bike without a Utopia backrest installed. Regards, Jim, from Florida

Happy New Year, Just a note from a satisfied customer to let you know how great it feels, ( and looks) to have a driver backrest for my royal star. I agree with the kid in the picture, "my granpa does good work". Thanks. God Bless, Kerry

Received back rest right on time. Installation super easy for a rocket! Adjustment easy too. I like the idea of removable pouch. Quality materials & workmanship was very good.
Was informed though e-mail material match was not perfect but very close, which it was, it would take an extremely picky person to even notice difference GOOD JOB! Utopia since there is hardly anything on the market for Triumph Rockets right now! Other then factory stuff which cost you, your first born & then some.

Thanks, my new Utopia  drivers backrest arrived on schedule and I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was to install on my Honda VTX1800.  It is well made, and the installation took less than an hour to put me on the road enjoying the new found comfort.  It will definitely enhance my riding range. Sincerely Walt,Larkspur, CO

I received it Wednesday of last week, and installed it on Thursday.  Friday I left Chattanooga for Montgomery and Troy Alabama, about 300 miles, one way.  I figured the backrest reduced back fatigue about 80%...a significant amount.  The forward position allowed me to lean back in comfort and still reach the handle bars with ease...probably better than before.  Installation was easier than my fearful self anticipated.  I just followed your instructions and the installation came out PERFECT!  I am VERY pleased with your product.  The quality is excellent or superior, the design is equal, and the comfort is worth every penny (that is, once you settle on the fact everything on a motorcycle costs four times what you might expect). Anyway, Thanks again for your attention to quality, fast shipping, personal attention and for simply being available.  I will enjoy your backrest for as long as I am able to ride Very best regards
Dr. Tom

Just bought a Valkyrie Interstate in September, didn't come with driver's backrest. Shopped several other brands, most were way too pricey! Bought your product based mostly on user's comments and better price. Installation not as easy as some said, but not too hard once I got past the fear of cutting a hole in that nice seat material! Price was right, and the color/texture is a perfect match for my stock seat. Fit is great after a little adjustment, really a back saver. Thanks! Terry

      Just a note to say THANKS.
      Have received the unit you made and shipped for me on Oct 18th. It Looks great on the Bike and the wife loves it.
      Again, Thank you for a beautiful unit, shipping on time and easy to install.

Got the seat back for my Vulcan 1600 and had no problems installing it. IT IS WONDERFUL!!  Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of a great product.  Riding my bike is much more relaxing and enjoyable with the drivers seat back. 

I just received my Utopia backrest and could not wait to install it. From start to finish and that means putting up all the tools, cleaning the seat and bike and test-drive it took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The directions were great and it looks like you have another customer for life. Thanks for a great looking and feeling product that matches the 2004 G l 1800 perfect.
Your Friends,
Royce and Kathy

Hi Bob, I installed the drivers backrest on my wife's Savage on Saturday and on Sunday she rode 288 miles without any back pain. You are a genius! I thank you a million times over! I will refer all my cycling friends to you. Best regards, Vic

I received your built in back rest yesterday...very speedy shipping! I just wanted to tell you that I was amazed at how easy the installation was and how good it looks and feels. Thank You very much for a product that I should have bought a long time ago!!

Thanks. I received the seat this week, and put it on last night and "took a ride". Your company is appropriately named. Not just for the physical comfort, but because without your company I was considering having to purchase an entirely new seat (Corbin or whatever) for around $600.00. Your back rest is a factory match, and has a greater versatility than the other guys. I will tell everyone I know how very satisfied I am with your company. Thanks again, Bill

Received the back rest for my Honda Shadow 750 VT this morning and installed  it this afternoon. It was a breeze to install , looks great and feels even better. Thanks for making such a quality product at a reasonable price , you can bet that I will recommend it to all that ask about it.
 Thanks again, John

I just got my backrest from you for my '04 Midnight Venture. The backrest looks like it came with the bike. Same color, pattern, material, at a fair price. Installed with precision, just like the instructions said. The performance is outstanding. Enough adjustments to make it custom fit and it makes the ride so much better on my back. Nice touch with the hook and loop attachment of the utility bag. I've had seats that had snaps on the utility bag and the first thing that happens it the material tears when trying to remove the bag. Velcro is a great solution. I recommend your product without hesitation. Thanks.George

I am so glad I added this seat to my 2003 Burgman 650. It simply made the stock seat feel like a totally different seat. It is really comfortable and I can certainly stay in the saddle for longer periods of time. I have shared my opinion with other owners on the Internet Group. Thank you for an excellent product. David     TN

Dear Bob, Not only was the install a snap, but the construction and fit are the best. I have had other back rest in the past, but none compare to the fit and finish and quality that you make. This unit fits me like a glove.....I love it. Thank's Again, Steve   2003 Yamaha Venture

Dears Sirs,        I recently purchased a backrest from you for my honda 1100 spirit      What a great product. It was quite easy to install with your instructions and fits the bike and the seat perfectly. Thanks for your great product and great craftsmanship. I have and will pass your product on to all my friends.          Thanks again                    Bob   

Hi Bob,  I received my seat back rest in excellent condition. After looking things over fairly close, I was very pleased with my purchase.  I was going to go out for dinner with my daughter that night so while she was getting ready I decided to look at how things fit. Seemed pretty simple after holding things in place so I grabbed a drill and started the process on my couch in the living room. After laying things out to cut the seat I made the cut. Simple and easy I must say. Bolted it on and cleaned up. Total time was 40 minutes. That is largely due to my checking and examining things. I was very impressed with the fit and finish along with the installation process for this product. I installed it in February so I could not test ride the product. (Also my first new Goldwing). It is now the end of March and I took it out for a ride last weekend. You now have a customer for life. What a difference the backrest makes. I will be talking to a friend that owns the same bike that has severe back pain but continues to ride. My experience with your company and product has been one I will always remember and tell others about.  Thank You.


Hi Bob, Just wanted you to know the backrest arrived today and WOW it is terrific. It took me about an hour to mount it and put it on the bike. Now I have to sit for about 3 more weeks before the 3 feet of snow we have melts and I can go riding. Thanks for making such a tremendous product. Dave,  Saskatchewan   Canada.

Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your backrest. I have an 03' Honda Valkyrie and have just installed it. It has been great for my back and I love the design. I checked all over for a backrest and found out this is the one that EVERYBODY said was the best out there. I agree completely. Thank you for such a great product, Dave

I just finished installing your fine backrest on my 2004 GL1800A and your installation instructions and accompanying photos were perfect. The installation was one of the easiest of any accessory that I have ever installed. I rode the bike 130 miles with my wife on the back and everything was perfect. Thank you for a fine product and explicit instructions with photos. I wish the Honda Service Manual was as clear and explicit.


Thanks so much for expediting my backrest for the Valkyrie.  I rode it the three hours up to Daytona last Friday for Bike Week.  Not only did it make a tremendous difference, but it got more than a few looks in Daytona.  It went on in minutes, and looks great with the added studs.  Hopefully I'll be able to send some more business your way.  God Bless!

You have one great product in your backrest.  I must admit, I took a great deal of care installing it so it took me about 2 hours.  However, the instructions were crystal clear and the result looks like a factory installation.  I have adjusted it while the bike is on the stand, but it was raining and I couldn't hit the road.  I can't wait to try it.

 Thank you for a great product that is well-designed, beautifully made, and straightforward to install.

    I successfully put the Utopia back rest on my '03 Goldwing this past Friday afternoon.  It took me only about 1 to 1.5 hours.  If I had been more aggressive with a Big knife at cutting the foam it would not have taken long at all.  The process was really easy.  I don't know how the instructions could be any more clear.  I think I was just reluctant to mess up that seat.
     You were right about there being no need to remove the passenger backrest.  Bottom line is that it all went very smooth and worked correctly.
     The backrest looks great and feel wonderful.  I will now say it should have been the first accessory purchased rather than the 10th.  I appreciate the adjustability very much.  Thanks for making a great product.
     You can quote me on any of the above.
                         Bob Tucker


    I really didn't know what to expect when I ordered your backrest kit. I've seen more expensive kits that were not near as well built as this one! I was a bit intimidated when I looked at all the parts but the instructions were so well written and the parts so precisely fitted that I had the job complete in an hour.
    Thank you for such a well made product at a great price. My back has never been happier! Tim Prestonsburg, KY 03 Honda Silverwing

I just received your backrest for my 88 wing and I don't usually respond with any comments but I must say you make a nice product, it matches good and was a snap to install, I didn't have an hours time in the installation including the seat removal, and from sitting on the bike in the garage it works real well. Just thought you would like to hear from a happy camper , keep up the good work ! R J

       Many thanks for the back rest recently received and now fitted...its a great aid to comfortable riding.  Wonder if I'll see others in uk as good.  There are none presently made over this side of the pond so has made the wing exclusive!!

Thanks again for a well thought out and made product. regards Ray   in UK

I would like to thank you for the product you make. I bought a backrest for my Kawasaki Voyager in the spring, and I've ridden with it throughout the summer. It is a great design, has help a lot with riding duration, and shows the quality that you put into it. Thanks again, Mike

Good morning - I am an all weather daily bike commuter who really enjoys riding my Honda Magna motorcycle. I was near the point of hanging up riding due to back aches, even on short rides. After surfing the Internet for a possible solution and getting the testimony of other another Magna owner with your backrest on his bike I decided to make the purchase myself. I am totally satisfied and I am 100% satisfied with the purchase and easy installation of your backrest. It was the best money spent on my bike. After installing the backrest, I went on a ride and when I returned home an hour and half later, I did not have the slightest back ache. I have now renewed my dream of owning a Goldwing 1800 and when I do, I will put another Utopia backrest on that bike too. Thanks for making a high quality product at a good price available for people who love to ride. Sincerely, Mark Hernandez - San Antonio, TX


i ordered your backrest for my royal star with/easyout and i just wanted to tell you that i love it. used it for about 2 weeks and decided to take it off and see how much difference it made. won't do that again. went 5 miles and had to stop and put it back on. thanks for a great product. be

Just a note to let you know what I think about the order. This is a much HIGHER QUALITY backrest than I expected. It's nice to be surprised POSITIVELY for a change. Thanks for the speedy delivery.

Bob, Chapter # 291, Worcester, MA.

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love my backrest. I ordered one for my '00 Valkyrie Interstate a couple of months ago. August 1, 2003 five of us left Columbia, SC headed for Sturgis, SD and a 10 day 4200 mile trip. Not once did my lower back and butt become sore. I was able recline and relax much more than I was in 2001 when I took the same trip on the same bike. What a world of difference! I know you've heard that before but I wanted to add my compliments.  Keep up the good work.Mark Lexington, SC

I wanted to let you know that I received the backrest today and am very pleased with the way it went on and how it feels. I am also very pleased with the quality of the overall finish, both upholstery and painted brackets. You and your company have my 110% satisfaction and if you wish, feel free to use me as a reference any day. As a member of a couple of online Silverwing groups, I plan on posting a positive report on the Utopia backrest, if that is ok with you. Thank you, David

I'm impressed. This is my second backrest order from you folks.  The first was for a second generation Yamaha Venture, this latest order adds a backrest to my new GL1800 Gold Wing.  I placed the order on line and received notification that the ship date would be June 2nd.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to have the item arrive on Friday, May 30th. I was a bit apprehensive about cutting into the seat of my new wing, but bit the bullet and got the whole job done in about an hour. Your instructions were concise and easy to follow with no cussin and fussin.  Thanks again for an excellent product, beating your ship date, and providing documentation that made the job error free and easy to complete.   I am riding in comfort again. Regards, Neal

Thanks so very much. The back rest arrived in yesterday's mail & we put it on last night. I appreciate the great service & will recommend you highly to everyone! The color matches almost perfectly! Thanks again. Jim

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received my backrest for my '86 Honda Gold Wing. Installation was a snap as you said and it works wonderfully. You make a great product. Thanks for  everything. God Bless you in you business. ;-) Denny Minneapolis, MN


Rcvd the backrest Thursday May 15 and after a simple install process was on the road with what felt like a new motorcycle.  I am glad I picked your product as it has added a level of comfort that I did not know could exist.  I should have bought one years ago and it no doubt would have added miles to my motorcycling.  Thank you for your prompt service and quality product. Nick

Sorry its been so long , but I finally got a full shot of the bike outside with the back rest on for you. If you remember I was the first one you made for the Suzuki Voluisa VL800 stock seat. I love this backrest and wouldn't be with out. I find that I can reach behind me on long runs and adjust it forward or back while riding to change back angle just a little. Anyway I have attached a pic of the bike along with the pic you see here, they are the same so maybe you can use one of the formats. Thanks again Bob for a great product. Dan

What a great backrest. Took me a 20min to install without a problem. Looks stock and does the job. Thanks! Rick

Just received my Utopia Driver's Backrest for my Valkyire Tour today. Only took 10 min to install as everything fit perfectly. Instructions very easy to follow. You would have to be very mechanically deficient to have any  difficulty installing this part. Quick adjustment and was off. Best  modification made to date. Very comfortable, why did I wait so long now  it's truly a Touring bike. Thanks for a quality product for a reasonable price. Lorne

I received the parcel well today. I also mounted the backrest on my Silver Wing and everything worked well. Many thanks for your help. It rely looking forward to ride my bike tomorrow. Summer greetings from Sweden. /Lars

Thank you for your service and amiability i receive my backrest just in time for my motoshow and I really appreciate the way you respond to my questions. And I had ride since that time about four times, I enjoy each ride in comfort. Again, sorry for my English bye and I will recommend you and the company to my friends 

YAHOO !!!!! My poor back gets a break ! Thanks a million, Pat

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