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Built-In Driver Backrest


Shown on VTX 1800, but can apply to most models.




Must send in a Template of your Current Pad, as Instructed below, with Picture of Pad on your Bike,  and measurement between top of rear seat to bottom of your stock pad.  All this is needed to assure we can make Our Pad, to fit your Sissy Bar.

Note: Works only on medium to tall Sissy Bars.  Will not know if we can adapt, untill we see the template of your pad and all requested, and required information, stated above.

Remove your Sissy Bar Pad.  On Poster Board trace around your Pad.

Turn Pad over and screw in bolts.

Lay Pad back on Poster Board, making sure you are lined up inside the Tracing Lines.  Press Firmly on Pad, making sure the Bolts leave an Imprint.

With Felt Tipped Marker, place a Dot in the center of each Impression.

Cut out and send in with your order.


Send to Utopia Products, Inc. 16619 Galehouse Road, Doylestown, OH 44230.

Be sure to tell us who you are and your Date We'll Make and Ship.

Need to talk to us? Please call (888) 343-3320
10 AM - 5PM

Email: utopia@utpr.com