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Built-In Driver Backrest

Welcome To Our Shop.  See Our Backrest Made From Start To Finish!

Talking to You and 
Taking Orders

Answering Email

Counting and Sorting

Cutting out Straps

Drawing Out 
Backrests to Cut

Cutting out 
Backrests to Sew

Sewing up Backrests

Sewing up Backrests

Sewing up Backrest

More Sewing up Backrests

Sewing up Pouches

Bending Pans in Press

Apply Protective 
Edging to Pans

Gluing Foam To Pans

Stuffing Foam Into Backrest

Cutting Backrest Bars
Milling Backrest Bars

 Production Welding

More Production Welding

Custom Welding

Painting & Powder Coating Backrest Bars

Assembling Backrest Bars

Attaching Channels

Installing Backrest
Bars to Pads


Gluing on Covers

Backrests Completed


Ready to Ship

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