How to order Installation with your new

Utopia Built-in Driver Backrest

Installation of The Utopia Driver Backrest is a snap, but some would prefer not to do the installation. If you would like us to install for you, please print off and  follow the following steps.

1. Order your Utopia Driver Backrest through our easy checkout, being sure to include the current make and ship date as instructed at checkout, and remember that date for step 4.

2. Continue to shop and come back to the More Goodies page to add Installation to your cart.

3. Finish checking out.

4. Note the current make and ship date you filled in when ordering your Utopia Driver Backrest. Make sure your seat arrives at Utopia Products, Inc, at least 5 days prior to that date, so we have in time to complete your installation, not running into our next weeks scheduled work. Can delay your shipment back to you, if we receive late.

5. Finally send your seat, rear seat only, if you have a 2 piece seat, or complete seat, if you have a 1 piece seat.  Also send a copy of both receipts you received for purchasing your Utopia Driver Backrest and your Installation, and payment  for the return shipping  to:

Utopia Products, Inc. 16619 Galehouse Road, Doyleston, Ohio 44230 (mailorder only, not a walk in facility).

Shipping cost of the backrest has already been charged to you when you placed your order for your new Utopia Driver Backrest.  To cover the additional weight to return seat with your new Utopia Driver Backrest installed,  put an additional check in box with your seat for whatever it cost you to ship your seat to us.

Need to talk to us? Please call (888) 343-3320
10 AM - 5PM


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