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Built-In Driver Backrest

TRIUMPH ROCKET III Standard and Roadster $229.00

TRIUMPH ROCKET III Classic and Tour  $229.00

Triumph Rocket III  (Standard and Roadster)

(two piece seat, see installed on rear seat below)

Pictures thanks to Volker Kram

Triumph Rocket III (Standard and Roadster)

(Simple bolt on. Bolts onto stock bracket.  No special installation like the Classic below.)

Note: Gel seat, black with gray sides has same setup except we use a different black to match closely to the black on your seat.  Can not match the gray, so, we make all black.

Triumph Rocket III Classic (one piece seat)

Picture thanks to biker friend David Wright

Custom install bar.  Not a simple bolt on like above. Installs inside rear seat.  See installation click link below.

Triumph Rocket III Tour (one piece seat)

Picture thanks to biker friend Dane Taylor

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Click here to see "Bar Installation!" for Rocket III Classic,

or here for "Installation Video"  by first time installer (John Dyson) on his Cycle.

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