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Built-In Driver Backrest

Installs in Your Police Seat with Air Bladder or Coil-over Shock Seat $229


Above picture Utopia Driver Backrest on Police Department Use Seat

If you ride your motor for a Police

Department select Police Dept Use at checkout.

Above picture Utopia Driver Backrest on Personal Use Seat (Shown with Mustang Passenger Seat,  with no front seat, so you can see how close our bracket is to rear Mustang seat if you have rear seat)

If you ride your Motor for Personal Use select Personal Use at checkout


Picture above is Basket Weave material used on the 2009 and older Police Seat with Basket Weave Insert. Choose Basket Weave at checkout if you have this on your Seat Insert. 


Picture above is Perforated material used on the 2010 and newer Police Seat Insert. We are unable to match the Perforated Insert, but all Plain Harley Black looks great as it matches sides of seat. Choose Harley Black at checkout.



Please click to see the Current Date We'll Make and Ship your UTOPIA BUILTIN DRIVER BACKREST!


Installation a simple bolt on. Click here to see installation.

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