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Built-In Driver Backrest

Pacific Coast $199

Our backrest looks the same on all model Pacific Coast, except color and stitch pattern will very depending on year.  '94 & older have the lines sewn as above with Sterling or a gray color to match seat.  '95-'96 are black with the lines sewn as above.  '97 & up are plain soft black with no lines.

NOTE! The passenger backrest shown was developed for  the Pacific Coast owner that already has the Honda Line passenger backrest and either wanted it to match their new Utopia Driver Backrest or were just unhappy with the performance.  Available as shown which is about 6" taller than the Honda Line.  Cost is same as for Utopia Driver Backrest ($199 or $179 if purchased with Driver Backrest), but you must have the Honda Line bracketry to mount our bracketry.  Many wonder why we don't make to use without Honda Line.  Answer is simply, the bracketry that Honda Line makes is very complicated.  The volume of sales for this item, especially when Honda offers their backrest is not cost effective for us to develop.

Model Backrest



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