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Built-In Driver Backrest

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Backrest Installation Available by Utopia $65

Click here to See how to order.


Optional Padded Bar Cover


Optional Padded Bar Cover $18

Shown attached to bar and open, below backrest.

 Not necessary, but some passengers prefer bar to be padded.  Made of Genuine Black Cowhide Leather. 

If you are ordering for Spyder RT with Tan seat and want to match seat, let us know when ordering.  Will not be Leather.


UTOPIA Driver Backrest Pouch

Backrest comes with Pouch, included in price.  Order only if you want another.

UTOPIA Driver Backrest Pouch $21

Backrest comes with Pouch, at no extra charge, but if for some reason you have lost, misplaced, or just want another you can order separately here. Shown on and off of backrest.



UTOPIA Driver Backrest Quick Out Option $65

except HARLEY TOURING MODELS  and 2014 and Newer Spyder RT $80

2018 GOLDWING $75


Backrest shown on Vision with Quickout Option.................Top Bar on Back of Pad with Flap Open to Receive Backrest


Just Pull Up on Pad to Remove Backrest................Close Leather Flap Over Slit in Seat

Quick Out Mechanism that is Installed in Above Seat

Allows you to simply pull up on pad to remove, leaving a flap over hole. 

Available only for models in drop down lists. 

When ordering the Quickout Option, at the same time you order your Utopia Driver Backrest, you will not receive the Standard setup Inside Bar.

When ordering Quickout Option later, after you have already received standard setup and installed our backrest, you will not receive the bottom T bar, as you already received with your original order for standard setup (many models do not have bottom T bar). We also will need to know if your bottom T Bar has 2 or 4 holes, on Goldwings only, so we send you correct setup.  We will ask you at checkout.

Rare someone will order the Quickout Option and not already have the bottom T bar. If you somehow have miss placed it, we can make and  send you one for extra $18. Will still need to know if your T bar had 2 or 4 holes, on Goldwings only,  so we know correct T bar to send to match the holes you had drilled in your seat base to install your original standard setup.

Honda Quick Outs


HHarley Quick Outs


Yamaha Quick Outs


O Other Model Quick Outs


We Do Not Sell Our Mounting Brackets

 without Utopia Backrest

Some have asked to purchase our mounting brackets only. Our mounting brackets are part of our Utopia Driver Backrest Kit  and built into the production cost of making our Backrest. We do not make our mounting brackets to sell without our Backrest.  We make our Utopia Driver Backrest for over 370 model cycles.   If we decided to have extra mounting brackets made, what model bikes would we make for?  We rarely have anyone ask for mounting brackets only.


Add Studs Your New Utopia Driver Backrest $18

                  (Can NOT put Studs in Pillow Style Backrests)




Measure Studs Spacing Center to Center on your seat and we will install on your new Utopia Driver Backrest when we make it.



Chrome Studs Measured Center to Center

UTOPIA Matching Sissy Bar Replacement Pad $99

Click on Picture to See More.


UTOPIA Driver Backrest Recover $70

Your Utopia Driver Backrest Cover messed up?  Order new cover. 

Comes without above Backrest Pouch.



UTOPIA's Dual Armrest Pouches $29

Includes two 4-1/2" x 7" zipper pouches that hang under each armrest. Fits most brand name armrests, but note your Armrest Brand, Model, Year and Color of Paint on your Cycle, in box below.   Color matched to stock upholstery. Complete set (4 zippered pouches) adds extra needed storage for glasses, wallets, change, chapstick, combs, brushes, etc.


Easy View Map Holder $17



(Made for GL1500 and GL1800 Goldwings only)

Attach velcro strap just below your ignition and lay Easy Veiw on pod (as in picture on right) attaching one of the four sides to velcro strap. You can flip end to end, side to side or over, in the direction you need to fold your map to see your route.

 Set Back $25.00

Move backrest back 1".  Why??? Click here


Trunk Organizers (comes in black only)


Comes in two sizes, made in black upholstery only.  For between trunk and seat on GL1500 14" X 11". Just slide between trunk and seat to hold important papers, books etc.

$12 each

 Smaller size 12" X 6" to hold whatever. Will stick to fuzzy carpet if your trunk is lined or stick and peel velcro furnished, in location you prefer, on interior trunk sides.

$7 each

Set of Three $18.


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