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Built-In Driver Backrest

1. Remove rear seat from cycle.

2. Remove all staples holding on seat cover, to point shown in picture 1.

3. Lift and bend back seat cover and foam, being careful not to tear cover or foam as shown in picture 2.

4. Install our Custom Backrest Bar.  Lay in place  as shown on picture 2.  Mark and drill 9/32" holes in seat base to line up with the holes in Custom Bar.  Install bolts through lock washer, flat washer, seat base and screw tightly into Custom Bar.

5.  Now lay foam back down in place and trim around bar as shown in picture 3 with long serrated knife, all the way through to bottom of foam.  (Caution: Be careful not to cut wires if you have heated seat).

7. Install cover completely.  Do not cut slit in cover till completely installed as shown in picture 4.

8. Feel for tube, under cover, and carefully make a slit to allow it to come through the now installed cover.  "DO NOT CUT ANY THREADS WHERE COVER IS SEWN TOGETHER."  Cut no wider than necessary as shown in picture 5.

9. Install Peel and Stick Boot as shown in picture 6.

10. Install backrest to tube with bolt provided.

11. Install seats, adjust backrest for comfort,  and "Take a Ride!"

Tools Needed: Whatever you use to take off the rear seat
                             A tool such as a slotted screwdriver to remove the staples
                             Electric or air stapler with 1/4" staples
                             7/16" wrench
                             Drill with 9/32" bit 
                             Marking pencil
                             Long serrated knife
                             Pair of scissors

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