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Built-In Driver Backrest

(on all models)

The below pictures show various position adjustments.  Will adjusts in any position with in the range.  Pouch is off so you can see the position of the bar.  Notice the pivot points upper and lower that keeps the pad vertical, or at the angle of your back, whether you lean back, sit upright or lean forward.  Stays in the position you set, simply by turning the set screw at the lower pivot point.

Straight Up With Pouch

3" Lay Back

Straight Up (used by most riders)

3" Forward

5" Forward

When installed properly, 
tube and seat upholstery will look like this.

Bars are made of Heavy Duty 1 1/2" X 1/4" Steel, guaranteed  never to break and never has in 1000's of Driver Backrests made and sold!  Our test driver weighs over 400 lbs.  When applied to today's  Seat Bases, whether Metal, Fiberglass or Polyethylene (most stock seats), they become Strong enough for the Heaviest Driver.

All exposed Bars are Powder Coated Black as well as All Production Bars Inside Seat.  Custom one at a time Bars, Inside Seat, are Painted Black with Quality Hard Acrylic Enamel.  We've found  Black Bars are Less Conspicuous than if Cadmium or Chrome Plated.  Not only is plating unnecessary,  this also helps keep our cost down. 

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