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Built-In Driver Backrest



    Utopia Products, Inc. started as The Seat Shop in Phoenix, Az, and has been in business since 1974.  It is still owned and operated by the original craftsmen,  devoted to making only quality upholstered cycle products in our shop in Copley, Ohio.  We design, engineer, build, sew  and ship every product we make.

    The picture above is Bob & Linda's GL 1500,  currently ride a 2006 GL1800, and are lifetime members of GWRRA #85.  It shows the custom seat and upholstery work we became known for, and kept us busy for 20 years.  Then several years ago we had to stop the custom work to allow time to make our driver backrest that took over the shop in a BIG way.  Now our driver backrest is at least 99% of our business.

 Date We'll Make and Ships are within 2 weeks of receiving order, except during the riding season we get backed up to 8 weeks.  We would love to have the stock just sitting on our shelf to mail out the day an order is placed.  I guess we could if we limited the model and colors we offered, but when you try to make for as many models as possible it really makes it impossible to know what to stock.  Besides when we do all we can to keep up, where is the time to make stock?

    We are very thankful to be busy, we've had it the other way too, and are also thankful for our many customers over the years that keep coming back.  We try to price fairly.  We don't mark up our price just so we can discount it back.  We've found most bikers belong to some club or association, so we just price fairly.

    When you call us you get the people that make and ship your order.  There is no one to blame but us if we make a mistake.  You can depend on us to make it right.  Fortunately mistakes are few and we manage to please our customers.

    To browse thru our shop and see us at work click "SEE US AT WORK"  link above.

    Thanks again for visiting our site.  Hope you find something that you can use.  If you do we promise only the best quality and professional, courteous service in a personal way. .

                                                        God Bless, from the Utopia Products, Inc. Staff

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