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Built-In Driver Backrest

Royal Star Corbin Seat

Installs the same as Royal Star with stock seats

1) Follow instructions for installing Utopia Built-in Driver Backrest Bracket (previous page) for stock Royal Star seats, except take off both front and rear seats. 

2) After Utopia Driver Backrest bracket is installed, separate two parts (below)  by removing the two bolts holding together. 

3) Install front seat.  May have to push hard on rear of front seat to latch in place.  If extremely hard (because no two Corbin seats are alike), can remove latch and place washers under latch which will make latch catch easier. 

4) Next bolt Utopia Driver Backrest bracket parts back together tightly. 



5) Install bar cover before installing rear seat.  (Optional $14, but   recommend to hide areas between seat  now exposed since rear seat will now be back about 1/4). 

6)  Now attach Extension Tab by simply bolting in place into the original threaded hole on fender. 

 7) Finally install rear seat and attach your new Utopia Driver Backrest. 

NOTE:  Be sure to keep both 13 mm and 7/16 wrenches available (suggest keep in backrest pouch), so seats can be removed to access battery and tool kit under front seat.

Quick-Out option is not available for the Corbin.  Very easy to separate at two part bar if you want to ride without backrest. 

Cover is made of vinyl not leather like your Corbin.  Material is a very good match to your Corbin material as far as color and texture, for the black seat.  Our match to the tan seat is not as good, because to the variation in the tan leather.  Does work well, though, ask for sample of the material before ordering. 

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